In Stalin We Trust

by Dedth



Second album of brave soviet communists DEDTH


released September 26, 2016




Dedth Moscow, Russia

Dedth formed in January, 2016.

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Track Name: Ded Alert
Наш Советский Союз покарает
Весь мир от Европы как огромный медведь на восток
Над землёй везде будут петь:
Столица, водка, Советский Медведь наш!

Наш Советский Союз покарает
Весь мир от Европы к Неве на восток
Над землёй везде будут петь:
Столица, водка, Советский Медведь наш!
Track Name: Drunken Polar Bear Attacks
Ice and cold wind
Embrace my old skin
Two vodka and moroz
It is night on the North

I like eat
Vodka and meat
But drunken polar bear
Also likes it!!!

Polar bear
Are roaring!
Attack and hate me
Wants to drink my vodka, blyat'!!!
Track Name: DEDTH: World War
Fast missiles starts its way
Last day of fuckin' world
Soviet army will be prey
It this fuckin' cold

But Dedth will drink
A lot of vodka
And will save the USSR
By his own missiles!

Dedth needs more Vodka
Kolbasa and seledka,
Dedth send death to the all
And finished new world war!!!!!
Track Name: Immortal Lenin
Lenin, Lenin, Lenin
Sleeping in great Mausoleum
People worship him
People sing a Soviet Hymn

Lenin! Wake up! X2
Track Name: If You Are Not Alcoholic You Should Not Go To Komsomol
If you are not alcoholic
You should not go to komsomol...
Track Name: Samogon Unleashed
I sit at a table
And talk with a bear
I tear off a label
Hangover is near

Three litres of vodka inside me
It's filling my mind
I do not complain my destiny
I'm old but not blind

Chorus (2x):
Samogon Unleashed!

Grandson will soon be here
And i will tell him that
If he refuses to drink
Samogon with old grandpa,

I mercilessly cross out
This talentless bastard
From my testament
Fuck him and cast out!

Fuck! Samogon!
Hell! Drunk sermon!!!
Endless fight with your liver
Unlimited moonshine and shiver!!!
Track Name: Delirium Tremens Pt. I: "Stolichnaya" Overdose
I feel a mighty power
I feel that I can crush all
I drink for many hours
I hit my head against the wall

I hate myself because
I drink a lot
I got vodka overdose… over..dose

Delirium tremens absorbed my mind
Stolichnaya vodka is good for mankind!
Track Name: Chikatilo Returns
Awful death
Friday with maniac
Nobody helps
Song of suffering

Powerless prey
This is a lost war
And violent way -
His madness power!

Chikatilo Returns (2x)

Dangerous hell
Her voice was muted
Screaming shell
This bastard was shooted!

Lust in his eyes,
Knife in his hand!
No more efficient lies
In depths of savage land!

Captured you and show no mercy
Cutting off your motley clothes
Your f*cking guts nobody satisfied
Always somewhere close with you!

Chikatilo Returns (2x)

Всё лучшее - детям!
Track Name: NKVD Nightmare
О,вождь,твои усы
Сводят меня с ума
Не дает мне спать по ночам...
Мой ночной кошмар
Меня затащит в ад
Меня забирает
Track Name: Another Corpse In Dyatlov Pereval
Broken and torn by this cruel world
I lie beyond the fields of dirt and snow.
All my life is one big dissapointment, so
Death is the only way to end my sufferings...

My family and friends shouldn't cry for me;
This funeral 'll set 'em all free.
Night is coming, dark clouds fill the sky,
The end is near, soon I'll see the light.

To my cold grave
At the Dyatlov Pereval...
I make my final step
For lying and rotting
This is my sweet
And peaceful cradle
Where I will lie

Tears on their faces
Mixes with heavy rain.
Silly,useless speeches
And Her eyes full of pain;
The Black Angel told me:
"You both shall meet when moon
Will rise above the Wasteland
Of Broken Dreams
At the Dyatlov Pereval..."

Track Name: Shtirlitz Drinks Beer At The Meeting Of Wehrmacht
Shtirlitz, a dedicated son of a Soviet Union
Can not get enough a bracing alcohol!
He has a headache before the meeting
At the depths of Werhmacht’ palace.

Shtirlitz drinks a lot of Holy Lager Beer
At the meeting of Wehrmacht (2x)
Track Name: Hangover Suffering In Winter Forest
In Winter
Track Name: Proletarians, Unite!
We must work
For the Soviet future
We must work
For the worldwide stand
We must work
For our sacred leader
We must work
For the motherland

Keeping the covenants
Of immortal chief
Spiting our blood
On enemy's fists
Dying at workplace
Its a progress price
Living in nightmare
For the communism rise

Red flags shall win all wars
And party will be proud
Our souls sacrificed to fall
On silent snowy ground

For the freedom we will fight!
For the better world we stand
For the honor of our land!
Track Name: One Morning In Far Siberian Wasteland
Dedth has trip again
In far frozen land
With his drunken friends
Kudryaviy and Maloy!

Firewood running out
Wolves howling at the moon
They feels eternal hunger
But we needs vodkaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

One Morning In Far Siberian Wasteland (2x)

Dedth exclaimed: ‘What a hell!?
F*ck these wolfes, I call a bear
I know, my old friend is near
Alcoholic polar bear!’

Dedth’s friend was a real bear
Run away across this land
To the nearest cold store
For the vodka and grindcore…
Track Name: In Stalin We Trust
Cold, cold wind
Somewhere in the north
I have lost my faith in life
What should I do?

I should trust in Stalin!

When it's cold on nights in Gulag
When my friends die from the bullets
I just have to hold on tight
It's not hard to lose your mind

It's not easy to be strong
All those years have been so long
One my friend survived of all
Stalin portrait on the wall!

In Stalin we trust!
In Stalin we trust!
In Stalin we trust!